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Bonnie Wright Supports FilmAid To Empower Refugees

FilmAid uses power of film and media to spread information

In honour of #WorldRefugeeDay, Bonnie Wright has created a charity t-shirt to benefit FilmAid, a project that uses the power of film and media to bring psychological relief, information, and hope to refugees around the world.

Founded by independent filmmakers in 1999, FilmAid provides mobile screenings of much-loved comedies and entertainment as a way of providing hope to child refugees and others suffering trauma and displacement.

FilmAid is a pioneer in crisis communications, using a community-led approach to create and deliver life-saving information created by refugees, to refugees in Africa, Asia and the Middle East using film, radio, and journalism.

As well as informing communities on their rights, safety, health and wellbeing, they train young people in all aspects of storytelling and communications to empower the next generation to support and promote their community issues.

"I love storytelling and I love communicating ideas and concepts and stories. That's why communication for refugees who are within their own secluded communities is so incredibly important. It is so important to see some hope in their future and see some way of breaking out of their situation that they are able to communicate with the rest of the world. Communicate and learn - education is one of the most power things that we can give to people," says actress Bonnie Wright, a supporter of FilmAid.

'Come dream with me is inspired by the idea that it's incredibly important that we empower refugeesand strongly support their right to dream and to dream of a life that is beyond their current situation,' Wright says. Other celebrities to help support the cause are J.K. Rowling and Afshan Azad.

The limited-edition T-shirts are available at and 100% of the proceeds go to FilmAid. Available for purchase from Monday, June 27th – Tuesday June 28th.

#WorldRefugeeDay #WithRefugees

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