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25 de agosto de 2022 às 10:58 2 views

Established in 2017, mainly focuse on the R&D, Production and Wholesale of E-cig. It has modern workshops over 5800m, including a 1200m dust-free workshop and dozens of machines. With the help of more than 600 employees and a professional team of R&D. Our company locates in Shenzhen and factory locates in Dongguang. We have been cooperated with large enterprises from different countries offering OEM & ODM services, and becomes one of top companies in E-cig industry.

One of the leading electronic cigarette and vapor company with combined experience of 10 years in vapor industry. Which offer the great functionally and undeniably premium flavors unmatched, we have created the ultimate disposable vaping device giving you the cigarette experience while reducing the harmful chemicals. We are not only concentrates on flavor and quality, but also put continuous effort into establishing close and stable relationships with its domestic and oversea distributors. In addition, we listen to customers′ requirements and strives to bring customers the most advanced products and excellent services, making our products more innovative, intelligent and scientific. We aim to be good stewards for a product and movement that enhances many people′s lives.

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