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Learn 5 ways to build muscle so ...

Fitness must be the way, not blindly blind practice.

People who practice blindly are not very efficient and tend to give up halfway through their workout. Fitness must be planned, so that you can more clearly exercise, feel the progress of physical fitness and the results of the harvest.

However, on balance, fitness muscle gain is more difficult than fitness fat loss, in other words: muscle growth is more difficult than fat breakdown, why is this?

People who have knowledge of fitness should understand 蜂蜜 belongs to energy-consuming tissue, and as we grow older, our own muscle will gradually drain away. And fat belongs to the energy storage material, with the growth of age, body fat will grow, this is the law of nature. The fitness muscle gain and fat loss is to resist the body aging, to maintain a youthful state, to carve a better body.

How to work out to improve the efficiency of muscle gain and sculpt a great set of muscle lines? Learn these few ways to make you the shortest time and grow the most muscle:.

1, to compound action priority, fitness action selection there are many, we have to pick compound action to carry out forging, compound action can promote the body multiple muscle groups to carry out the development, improve the efficiency of muscle gain.

Which belongs to the compound action? Compound action contains: deep squat, lunge squat, lifting, goat jerk, rowing, pulling, double bar arm flexion and other actions.

2, do not exercise the same muscle group every day. Muscle exercise is the 增肌減脂 combination of work and rest, not daily and frequent stimulation. Muscle growth to be at rest, not in training, and not fitness the harder the better the effect.

Large muscle groups should rest for 72 hours after exercise, and small muscle groups should rest for 48 hours after training, in order for the muscles to grow more efficiently. Thus, we have to reasonably allocate muscle group training, rather than daily exercise pectoral muscles or abdominal muscles, which is not desirable.

3, strengthen the nutritional supplement. Fitness muscle gain period, the body's caloric consumption will be elevated, we must enhance the energy intake (10%-15% higher than usual up and down the calorie), while strengthening the protein supplement.

We should eat more chicken breast, eggs, dairy products, fish and other high-protein foods for three meals, and try to keep low salt and oil cooking, which can control the caloric value and prevent the growth of muscle gain while growing too much fat.

4, do not neglect to train the legs. The feet are one of the largest muscle groups in the body, depending on 代餐 of the legs walking around, with the energy level. Fitness practice legs can promote the secretion of testosterone, improve the infectious power of sports.

Thus, it is necessary to maintain the habit of practicing legs 1-2 times a week, which can help you break through the bottleneck, improve the muscle dimension and train a better muscle body.

5, allocate 2-3 times a week cardio exercise is still necessary to avoid fat deposition, but also to improve lung function, so that you can perform better when energy training.

In order to prevent too much aerobic exercise leads to muscle breakdown, we have to control the aerobic exercise time in about half an hour can be, not too much.