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[Antoni Porowski #Orgulho25]

"I think that from looking at our cast there is definitely diversity. We’re all so different and just showing us five gay spectrum men co-existing in such a friendly way is great. Among a lot of gay guys that I know there is the perception that if a gay guy is friends with another gay guy then obviously they’ve hooked up at some stage, which I find quite obnoxious. I’m a very guarded person – even when I dated women I wasn’t one to hold hands in public, and I’m not like that in my relationship now – I’m very private but I’ve learnt to be more open. Tan and I are always walking around holding hands now and when my boyfriend came to visit me in Atlanta, he was like, “you’ve got 20% gayer” and I take that as a compliment, I’ve grown in confidence. I wish I knew Jonathan as a little kid because I think I would have had a different upbringing and been more comfortable with myself. It’s taken me a while and it’s a continuing process. I think that with the more people that get to know us through the show it’s only going to humanise us more. They will see us people first, not as a label or a sexuality because that’s how it is when you get to know a person. And it goes for the Trump supporters that have been on the show too. If I focus on their political ideology, even though I’m very liberal, then that is a missed opportunity to actually help the person. Humanity comes first."

Primeira sessão de fts dele aqui no meu meadd iti ♥