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22 de setembro de 2022 às 05:44

PM Stepper motor Φ35x36.2mm W/Gear Ratio

This is a permanent magnet stepper motor whose rotor is made from two permanent magnet rotors which are slightly offset from each other. The permanent magnet is axially magnetized; meaning that the north and south poles alternate and are on the same axis as the motor shaft.


Electrical Specification

    Manufacturer Part Number: 35PM48L01-SG10
    Motor Type: PM Stepper
    Phase: 2
    Step Angle: 0.694 deg
    Rated Current/phase: 0.24 A
    Holding Torque: 69.58 Ncm(98.55
    Phase Resistance: 100 ± 7% ohms(20 ℃)
    Inductance: 110 mH ± 20%

Physical Specification

    Frame Size: Φ35 mm
    Body Length: 36.2 mm
    Gearbox Length: 15.2 mm
    Shaft Diameter: Φ5 mm
    Shaft Length: 17.1 mm
    D-cut Length: 10.1 mm
    Gearbox Type: Spur
    Gear Ratio: 10.8
    Number of Leads: 4 with connector Molex5264
    Lead Length: 140 mm
    Weight: 139 g



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