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15 de junho de 2021 3 views

  What to do if the skin is particularly dry and peeling

  Some people have dry skin and peeling in their lives, which seriously affects our face and the quality of daily life. Therefore, we must pay enough attention to improve the dry and peeling skin in time. What should I do if my skin is extremely dry and peeling?


  What should I do if the skin is particularly dry and peeling?


  First of all, we need to do a good job of skin cleansing, especially in the dry season, people with oily skin need to do moisturizing care, the skin is particularly dry, it is easy to cause skin conditions, so it is said that doing a good job of facial cleansing is an important step in moisturizing. A facial cleanser with ingredients such as milk, honey and vitamin E.


  The second is to eliminate tightness. People with oily skin need to moisturize their peers. Some people rely on day creams and night creams, but there is no way to achieve deep moisturizing. Do a moisturizing mask once a week to nourish the skin, which can eliminate tightness. After washing your face, taking moisturizing toner can also reduce tightness and provide a better protective film for the skin.


  Finally, we must do a good job in the company's continuous moisturizing treatment. After washing the face while the skin is moist, apply a highly moisturizing and moisturizing cream so that the moisture management in the skin tissue can be directly locked. You can also increase the gloss. If you wait for the face to dry before applying it, it will not have a good effect. Dry skin problems do not necessarily need to be applied every time, otherwise it will easily cause clogged pores. Acne, so they should not be used indiscriminately for the development of Chinese skin care products.


  What should I do if my skin is dry and peeling?

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