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Maintaining galvanized metal candlestick barrels?

Since the galvanized candle holder is well maintained, the service life of the candle holder can be guaranteed, so how should the galvanized candle bucket be maintained?

Before using galvanized candlestick barrels, you can use some gases on it, such as peanut gas and lard, so the grease in the galvanized iron barrels will at first glance cover a defensive film that can withstand the chemical pulse of fresh air. For the foreseeable future, if the galvanized candle holder can turn black, do not rub it with household wire and do not clean it with a chlorine bleach-based cleaner. While it will temporarily restore the original brightness, you will destroy the protective film.

The correct way is to mix soap or decontamination natural powder with a soft cloth, dip it in a little water, then rub it, then wash it with clean water, take it out from the industry, and let it dry naturally. Oxygen is not used locally, so galvanized metal drums will corrode from moisture.


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