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Discografia completa da Demi:

Demi Lovato - Be Like A Popstar {2004}:
1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2. I Can Only Imagine
3. Mirror
4. Moves Me
5. Not Yet
6. Open
7. Ride
8. Shadow
9. Stronger
10. The Christmas Song
11. Trash 
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Demi Lovato - Don't Forget {2008}:
O álbum foi lançado em 23 de Setembro de 2008.
1. La La Land
2. Get Back
3. Trainwreck
4. Party
5. On the Line
6. Don't Forget
7. Gonna Get Caught
8. Two Worlds Collide
9. The Middle
10. Until You're Mine
11. Believe in Me
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Demi Lovato - Don't Forget; Deluxe Edition:
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Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again {2009}:
Lançado mundialmente em 18 de julho de 2009.
1. Here We Go Again
2. Solo
3. U Got Nothin' On Me
4. Falling Over Me
5. Quiet
6. Catch Me
7. Every Time You Lie
8. Got Dynamite
9. Stop the World
10. World of Chances
11. Remember December
12. Everything You're Not
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Demi Lovato - Unbroken {2011}:
Foi lançado em 19 de setembro de 2011 na Nova Zelândia.
1. All Night Long feat. Missy Elliott e Timbaland
2. Who's That Boy feat. Dev
3. You're My Only Shorty feat. Iyaz
4. Together feat. Jason Derülo
5. Lightweight
6. Unbroken
7. Fix a Heart
8. Hold Up
9. Mistake
10. Give Your Heart a Break
11. Skyscraper
12. In Real Life
13. My Love Is Like a Star
14. For the Love of a Daughter
15. Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)
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CD's de trilhas sonoras da Disney:

Sonny With a Chance OST:
1. Demi Lovato - Me, Myself and Time
2. Sterling Knight - Hanging
3. Tiffany Thornton - Kiss Me
4. Demi Lovato - What To Do
5. Sterling Knight - How We Do This
6. Demi Lovato - Work of Art
7. Allstar Weekend - Come Down With Love
8. Tiffany Thornton - Sure Feels Like Love
9. Demi Lovato - So Far So Great
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Camp Rock 2; The Final Jam:
1. Brand New Day
2. Fire
3. Can't Back Down
4. It's On!
5. Wouldn't Change a Thing
6. Heart and Soul
7. You're My Favorite Song
8. Introducing Me
9. Tear it Down
10. What We Came Here For
11. This is Our Song
12. Different Summers
13. Walkin' in My Shoes
14. It's Not Too Late
15. Rock Hard or Go Home
16. Eu Não Mudaria Nada Em Você (Wouldn't Change a Thing)
17. O Que Viemos Fazer (What We Came Here For)
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Camp Rock:
1. We Rock
2. Play My Music
3. Gotta Find You
4. Start The Party
5. Who Will I Be
6. This Is Me
7. Hasta La Vista
8. Here I Am
9. Too Cool
10. Our Time Is Here
11. Two Stars
12. What It Takes
13. Duas Estrelas (Bônus Track: Thays Gorga)
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CD's da Disney com músicas da Demi:

CD Radio Disney Jams 12:
1. Justin Bieber – One Time (My Heart Edition)
2. Owl City – Fireflies
3. Miley Cyrus – Party In The U.S.A.
4. Nick Jonas & The Administration – Who I Am
5. Selena Gomez & The Scene – Falling Down
6. Capra – Low Day
7. Mitchel Musso – Shout It
8. Colbie Caillat – Fallin’ For You
9. Hannah Montana – He Could Be The One
10. Allstar Weekend – A Different Side Of Me
11. Demi Lovato – Here We Do Again
12. Jonas Brothers – Give Love A Try (From “Jonas”)
13. Daughtry – No Surprise
14. Selena Gomez – Magic
15. Jordin Sparks – Battlefield
16. Jasmine Sagginario – Boy Crazy
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CD's de Karaokê da Disney:

Camp Rock Karaoke Series:
1.Play My Music (Karaoke Version)
2. Gotta Find You (Karaoke Version)
3. Start The Party (Karaoke Version)
4. Who Will I Be? (Karaoke Version)
5. Here I Am (Karaoke Version)
6. Too Cool (Karaoke Version)
7. Two Stars (Karaoke Version)
8. This Is Me (Karaoke Version)
9. Play My Music (Vocal Version)
10. Gotta Find You (Vocal Version)
11. Start The Party (Vocal Version)
12. Who Will I Be? (Vocal Version)
13. Here I Am (Vocal Version)
14. Too Cool (Vocal Version)
15. Two Stars (Vocal Version)
16. This Is Me (Vocal Version)
17. This Is Me (Karaoke Version) (Bônus Girl Solo)
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Camp Rock 2 Karaoke Series:
1. Brand New Day (Instrumental)
2. Wouldn't Change A Thing (Instrumental)
3. Heart And Soul (Instrumental)
4. You're My Favorite Song (Instrumental)
5. Introducing Me (Instrumental)
6. This Is Our Song (Instrumental)
7.What We Came Here For (Instrumental)
8. It's Not Too Late (Instrumental)
9. Brand New Day (Vocal Version)
10. Wouldn't Change A Thing (Vocal Version)
11. Heart And Soul (Vocal Version)
12. You're My Favorite Song (Vocal Version)
13. Introducing Me (Vocal Version)
14. This Is Our Song (Vocal Version)
15. What We Came Here For (Vocal Version)
16. It's Not Too Late (Vocal Version)
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[Send It On]
[Here We Go Again]
[Remember December]
[Lo Que Soy]
[La La Land]
[Don't Forget]
[One And The Same Music]

Músicas Avulsas:
[Demi Lovato- How To Love (Lil Wayne cover)]
[Demi Lovato- On the Line]
[Demi Lovato- So Far So Great]
[Demi Lovato- Make A Wave]
[Demi Lovato- Send It On (Holiday - Christmas Version)]
[Demi Lovato- Gift Of A Friend (Other Version)]
[Demi Lovato- Mercy On Me]
[Demi Lovato- Daughters (John Mayer Cover)]
[Demi Lovato- Daydream]
[Demi Lovato- Back Around]
[Demi Lovato- One And The Same (feat. Selena Gomez)]
[Demi Lovato- Yes I Am]
[Demi Lovato- Aftershock]

[Believe In Me]
[Don't Forget]
[La La Land]
[Catch Me]
[Here We Go Again]
[This Is Me]

EP's (Exetended Play):

Demi Lovato - Walmart Soundcheck:
1. Don't Forget
2. Get Back
3. Here We Go Again
4. La La Land
5. Remember December
6. Solo
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Demi Lovato - Live From London {2009}:
1. La La Land
2. Behind Enemy Lines
3. Don't Forget
4. Trainwreck
5. Get Back
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[La La Land]
[Get Back]
[Here We Go Again]
[One And The Same]